Examples Of Diction In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a beautifully written novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. As the novel analyzes the transition of love from the past into the present, it is made crystal clear to the reader that Gatsby's emotional state is out of step with time when he is reunited with Daisy in chapter 5. Fitzgerald has allowed the readers to understand the extent of Gatsbys feelings for Daisy through his use of characters actions, tense mood and diction. “In a white flannel suit, silver shirt, and a gold-colored tie, hurriedin. He was pale, and there were dark signs of sleep beneath his eyes.” the colours silver and gold symbolize wealth It also suggests he was eager he is to show Daisy how wealthy he was as he was dressed in his “Sunday best”.quote also …show more content…

It wasn’t a bit funny. Aware of the loud beating of my own heart I pulled the door to against the increasing rain.” Gatsby was described as balancing precariously on a tightrope; all of his movements and movements had to be exact and acute.The "increasing rain" symbolizes Gatsby's and possibly Nick's growing concern in this circumstance. The usage of the sad fallacy here indicates how much Gatsby worries about the outcome of this encounter with Daisy and that he is concerned about Daisy's potential negative response to his abrupt appearance. “Gatsby, his hands still in his pockets, was reclining against the mantelpiece in a strained counterfeit of perfect ease, even of boredom. His head leaned back so far that it rested against the face of a defunct mantelpiece clock..” This quote suggests that Gatsby's exterior belies his feelings. He distorts reality by manipulating appearance to look as though he is not nervous. The phrase "defunct mantelpiece clock" represents the clash of the past, present, and future. The fact that the clock is already broken and considered "defunct" represents Gatsby's incapacity to go back or forward and the non-dream state when his fantasy of meeting Daisy finally comes

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