Examples Of Faith In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust was a genocide by Nazi Germany during World War II, resulting in the systematic murder of approximately six million Jews, as well as millions of others. Night is a novel by Elie Wiesel about his experience in the holocaust. The Holocaust forever changed Elie's life and family. Wiesel's memoir focuses on his experiences during World War II focusing on the themes of faith, survival, and regret. One of the prominent themes in Night is Elie’s struggle with his faith. As a young man Elie was very religious as shown here. “By day I studied the Talmud and by night I would run to the synagogue.” This quotation shows how devoted Elie was to his religion. But that faith diminishes after being taken by the Germans and after seeing the atrocities of the holocaust, as shown in this quote. “Where is he? This is where — hanging here from the gallows…” In this quote, Elie is saying that after seeing so many innocent people get murdered, God must be dead. Night portrays Elie’s struggle with his faith and how the atrocities of the holocaust led him to question the existence of God. …show more content…

for example while on the train Elie says. “Forbidden to go outside, people relieved themselves in a corner.” This one is kind of tame, but it shows how when people are pushed, they do desperate things. Another example of this is when Idek, the Kapo says “You shall receive five times more if you dare to tell anyone what you saw! Understand?” Idek acted savagely because he needed to do so in order to avoid being killed. In the face of extreme circumstances, people tend to lose their moral compass and resort to desperate and savage actions for the sake of

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