What Does Huck's Name Mean

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In chapter sixteen Jim says in regards to Huck “Dah you goes, de ole true Huck; De on’y white genalman dat’ ever kep’ his promise to ole Jim.” - Jim The true meaning behind this quote is kind of upsetting, because it shows just how badly blacks were treated in this time period. Jim feels Huck is the only white man who has ever kept a promise to him. This promise was to never turn Jim in. When Huck hears this from Jim, it tares at Huck. He decides not to turn in Jim (which he could have done easily.) Huck’s conscience basically ate him alive. Huck was on the verge of turning in Jim, and seemed that was what he should do. However after thinking about it, Huck decided he would feel worse if he turned Jim in as opposed to keeping him free. A discussion of Foreshadowing …show more content…

After thinking about it, I noticed how often Huck changes his name around. For example, Huck tells the Grangerfords his name is “George Jackson.” This name is obviously phoney. Possibly Huck doesn’t say his real name in panic, or to keep people from knowing his true identity. However, my point is that Huck keeps calling himself different names, and for each person he meets he uses a different name. I predict in the future chapters he will do continue to do this. I think this may catch up on Huck. This could cause many problems for both Jim and himself, possibly leading to blowing their ultimate goal of

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