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Heaven’s Guilt and Hell’s Desire
People’s views of Heaven and Hell can change their beliefs of Trust and Betrayal. The idea common concepts for people is that: If the person wants to go to Heaven they shouldn’t betray people and should be trustworthy while if they betrays someone they are likely to get thrown in Hell. In Macbeth, most characters try to avoid damnation by remaining trustworthy. While throughout the play, Macbeth exhibits choices and unlawful actions that are against his moral and virtues. This opens the door to Hell and closes the one to Heaven. Theses choices reflect on his thoughts about trusting someone but, then betraying them at the end.
In Act I, Scene I as the war was ending, the Thane of Cawdor was brought up to Duncan to meet his fate. The Thane of Cawdor already knew that he would go to Hell for his rebellious deeds. But before dying, the Thane of Cawdor was able to atone for his sins and was welcomed to Heaven, despite his previous path. Macbeth finds himself in an internal conflict as he …show more content…

I. 25), imaging that the she had the people that Macbeth betrayed blood on her hands. Not only does Lady Macbeth speaks of the blood on her hands, she also speaks of the horrible sins she and her husband committed while sleepwalking, which she is betraying herself. Lady Macbeth mentions the murder of Duncan, the death of Banquo and the massacre of the Macduff family. And knows that she and her husband is going to Hell for them.
Heaven and Hell ideas impacts the decisions that the characters make in Macbeth. Macbeth committed sinful acts of betrayal that over all hurt his allies. As Macbeth’s ambitions take him over the ideas of Heaven and Hell grows weaker within him. Macbeth’s trust in everyone disappears and he starts to betray all of them including Banquo. While other characters create bonds of trust with each other, creating powerful alliances, Macbeth makes

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