Examples Of Immorality In The Great Gatsby

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Michael Fecht Mrs. Myers Academic English II 5/21/18 Immorality in the Great Gatsby Money dictates how people act and how they go about their day. It is very crucial; everything costs money. In the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, everyone has money. The wealth that these characters have is a must for them. they show their wealth by flaunting the expensive attire they have or throw these parties in their expensive homes. Money can make one feel powerful and invincible. It can also lower one’s morals. Materialism has corrupted Tom, George, and Gatsby. Tom is a very immoral character as he lies and cheats. Carla L. Verderame states that “There are no spiritual values in a place where money reigns.” The novel shows this …show more content…

However, this is not the case. He got his wealth through immoral actions of his; He got rich by selling alcohol, which was illegal at the time. In the future, the government lifts the prohibition laws. However, at the time, it was immoral; it was wrong to sell alcohol. “ ‘Oh I’ve been in several things,’ he corrected himself. ‘I was in the drug business’(Fitzgerald 90). Doing anything illegal is considered immoral. Selling drugs is very illegal, as the substance being sold could kill people. “The only way Gatsby can be with Daisy is by building a social mystery around his identity and involving himself in illegal dealings” (Lehan 271). By getting rich, he has corrupted his morals. He thinks that the only way to get Daisy would be to have all this wealth. While it is true, it has killed him. It has broken all the morals he had once possessed “However, the characters in The Great Gatsby show that in order to reach social and financial success a person might have to sacrifice his ethics by telling lies, oppressing others, or breaking laws.” (Lehan 270). Gatsby wants all this wealth in order to live the American dream. He wants to get Daisy but seems to be unable to achieve that without breaking laws. Tom and Gatsby are two immoral characters; The wealth that they have acquired has caused them to be like this. Money is the driven force behind them. Money can damage one’s morals. It also can make them feel powerful. Every important

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