Examples Of Individualism In Anthem

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The Deeper Meaning Of Anthem

In some countries the citizens have no say in what they do, how they do it, or when they do it. This can be collectivism, and the opposite of it is individualism. In Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem, her character Equality 7-2521 is battling between his “utopian” societies ways of collectivism and his desire of individualism. His crave for individualism leads him to care only about one person, create a light source without his “brothers” and runs into the Uncharted Forest.
Equality is only caring about Liberty 5-3000, this is individualism, which is against the collective ways of the utopia. In this “utopia”, all are supposed to care about all men equally. Though Equality has feelings for Liberty he says, , “We do not know why, when we think of them, we feel of a sudden that the earth is good and that it is not a burden to live” (Rand 41). They keep seeing each other, even though they know they could be punished. going against the collective society demonstrating Ayn Rand’s theme of individualism across the novel. …show more content…

No sooner as it is presented to the council is it rejected. This is because he worked alone, and therefore it is against the collective nature of his society. In this society do the job to are assigned. If do not, like Equality did, get punished. This is a defiant act against the collectivist society. Equality acted against the society because he was a street sweeper doing a Scholar’s job. This is what he had to say about what Equality had done. “ How dared you, gutter cleaner,” spoke Fraternity 9-3452 “,to hold yourself as one alone and with the thoughts of the one and not of the many?” ( Rand 72 ). Equality begs for them to keep the light, but the world council is stuck to their collective ways. This whole meeting leads to a big event. Equality grabs his light, and runs into the Uncharted

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