Examples Of Manipulation In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar: Manipulation used in Julius Caesar In the widely known Julius Caesar by Cassius, Decius , and Antony are the real masterminds orchestrating the play. I will go over each of their types of manipulation individually. Cassius, Decius, and Antony play very important in the play “Julius Caesar”. Each of the manipulations are very good at what they do to manipulate the other characters into doing what Cassius, Decius, and Antony want. Cassius manipulates manipulates a big group of Caesar's friends and colleagues to want what's best for Rome. Decius is one of those colleagues to Caesar who manipulates Cesar to ultimately meet his doom with the senate. Antony controls a crowd of concerned Romans to act out his revenge plot. …show more content…

In this quote he says “This dream is misinterpreted”, and “It signifies that from {Caesar} great Rome shall suck reviving blood”(ii:ii 85). Decius says the dream is “misinterpreted” and Caesar believes him because he is a reliable source. Decius backs up his own authority with an explanation and sort of appraisal by saying “from you (Caesar) great Rome shall suck reviving blood”. In another instance of Decius’ manipulation ,”The senate have concluded to give this day a crown to mighty Caesar”(ii:ii 94). He gives another reason for cesar to meet the senate. He adds there will be a “crown”. He adds to his claim “mighty Caesar”, to blow up his ego. When Decius sees his manipulation isn't working he pins the blame on Caesar’s wife by saying “Breakup the senate till another time, when Caesar’s wife shall meet with better dreams”(ii:ii 106). Decius makes it seem that “Caesar's wife “, is the problem. He appeals to Caesar by adding something as important as the “senate”, is held by Caesar’s wife. This means he is controlled by his wife or seen as weak. Decius’ manipulation methods are based pathos

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