Examples Of Mayella Ewell's Power In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, based on class, gender, and race, Mayella Ewell does have power because, she has the power in the court and power over Tom. But one of her weakest points is her class, since she is poor, a lot of people look at them with no respect. But for her gender, she has power but little of it. During that time women had little power, but not as much as men. Mayella's strongest power is her race, she has power in court over Tom because she is white and Tom is African American.
In other words Mayella had little power in her class. People didn’t respect her because of her class, and you can tell Mayella is not used to being respected because in court Atticus calls Mayella “ma’am and miss” (DBQ Mayella, 15) and Mayella gets mad …show more content…

Women were only looked at for cleaning, washing clothes, and making things for the house. When Tom had told the court that Mayella had reached up to him and tried to kiss him. People didn’t believe him because women were not suppose to be doing things like that. People were more against Tom because he ran away when Bob Ewell saw him. For this reason, Mayella Ewells had a lot of power for the race. She had more power because she was white and that Tom was African American. Apart to why Tom had lost the case was because he had said “I felt bad for her.” During this time period African Americans were not supposed to feel sorry for Americans. At this time white people had more respect and privileges than African Americans. So people in court saw that as an insult. To put it differently, Mayella Ewells had power but, she had power in many differents ways. Her most powerful was her race. Her race had helped her out a lot due to Tom being African American. But for gender Mayella has power but no power. Mayella Ewell's weakest part about her is her class. She is really poor and has no education. Her class is what takes away her power. The conclusion is that Mayella is

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