Examples Of Mayella's Power In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Mayella, a poor white girl, accused Tom Robinson, a black male, of raping her.Does Mayella have the ability to do something or be strong in her class, gender, and race? Mayella doesn’t have much power in her class and gender but she does have power in her race. First of all, Mayella isn’t powerful in her class. In Document A, it says how her family lives behind the town garbage dump and the house is broken down and isn’t in good condition. The town is surprised because in one corner of the yard, Mayella planted red geraniums and cared for them. She tried to keep the house clean but the geraniums were the only thing clean in the house. Mayella isn’t powerful in her class because she is poor. Second, Mayella isn’t powerful in her gender. In

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