Examples Of PTSD Lifesavers

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Dogs; The PTSD Lifesavers Believe it or not, dogs are way more helpful than people give them credit for. They may be good companions, but people do not understand that dogs can help with more than they think. For example, they can give comfort to their owners if they had a bad day, or if they are scared. Therefore, bonding and interacting with dogs can help individuals overcome PTSD.
Overcoming PTSD is hard, unless a dog is by their side. Chris Colin explains the effects of bonding with dogs when he says, “Researchers are accumulating evidence that bonding with dogs has biological effects, such as elevated levels of the hormone oxytocin. “Oxytocin improves trust, the ability to interpret facial expressions, the overcoming of paranoia and …show more content…

ndividuals feel protected when she says, “A good PTSD service dog carries out her duties to defend you in a nonviolent and nonthreatening way, so you will constantly be reminded that there is a special somebody who always has your best interests at heart.” (Kledzik, 2015). In this case, this is important because PTSD victims need to know that someone is there to help, so they can be able to feel safe. Knowing that a dog is there to protect the individual, this will prove that fear is unnecessary. This impacts the individuals positively because if they went through a traumatic experience, they probably don 't feel safe, or they are afraid, this trustworthy and protective companion can help ease their …show more content…

They would do anything to protect them, and to make them feel safe; so we should give them more credit for what they do. Don’t take dogs for granted, because they would never do that to you. If you know anyone with PTSD, think about what a dog can do to help them, and how much more safe they would feel.

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