Examples Of Redemption In A Christmas Carol

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Redemption The idea of being saved from sin or evil A timeless theme, by definition, is a generalization about life or the human experiences that transcends changes in time and place. Audiences understand timeless themes no matter how old or modern the text, because timeless themes are true and connect to the world around them. Redemption, a timeless theme that was explored through literature for thousands of years in works such as Shakespeare. The theme redemption was presented in the play “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, and the movie “A Divas Christmas Carol “ by Richard Schenkman in various settings, and characters. In the movie and the play audiences could see Redemption come out a lot through out both plots. Audiences received a message telling them the worst people can change as long as they have the chance too. When looking at timeless theme of redemption in the play “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, Redemption plays a big role in the play. Redemption was shown several times in the play. Scrooge we see a man who is transformed from a greedy, selfish miser into a generous and good-natured character by the end. In the beginning of the story Scrooge wanted annihilation to do with Christmas. He rejects all Christmas cheer from everyone he meets. Although on Christmas Eve his worker Bob Cratchit asked if he could take Christmas Day off and spend time with his family, but Scrooge said if he didn’t show up on Christmas morning he wasn’t going to get paid.

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