Examples Of Sacrifice In Wharton's Ethan

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There are manipulative people who make innocent people stay in their lives, just because they are lonely and need someone. The innocent people can feel too guilty to leave someone that needs them, when themselves are suffering loving someone they do not. Ethan wanted to move away from Starkfield, but Zeena did not want to live in a city where she would have no identity. Her hypochondria and her few legitimate illness serve as excuse for her to look in patent remedies and expensive visits to the doctors at a time when Ethan is struggling to pay off the heavy mortgage on the farm and still maintain financial debt. Ethan couldn’t get ahead and move by himself because all the money was being spent by Zeena. An example of Ethan being poor, “But you know it now. I’m sorry but it can’t be helped. You’re a poor man’s wife, Zeena, but I’ll do the best I can for you” (59). Ethan is feeling bad for not having money and helping but, he also knows that she has money and can be fronting. …show more content…

Ethan fears that Zeena can read his thoughts. The extent of Zeena's authority is such that Ethan and Mattie are both uneasy when reminded of her. Mattie can not even sit comfortably in Zeena's rocking chair while Zeena is in Bettsbridge. An example of this is “Zeena’s empty rocking chair stood facing him. Mattie rose obediently, and seated herself in it. As her young brown head detached itself against the patchwork cushion that habitually framed his wife’s gaunt countenance, Ethan had a momentary shock.” (46). Ethan's last thought before the sled hits the elm tree is that he sees a disfigured of Zeena's face. Therefore Ethan has a burning thought of Zeena suck in his

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