Examples Of Social Outcasts In Of Mice And Men

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Every human is different, and some become social outcasts. In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, some characters are different and are left out. Crooks is a social outcast and is left out, because of his race. Candy is a social outcast because he is older, so he is left out. Curley’s wife is a social outcast and is left out, because she's the only girl on the ranch. These characters Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s wife, are different from the rest. Making them social outcasts. Crooks is a different race, so people tend to leave him out of things. When Crooks is just getting introduced to George and Lennie, they called him a “nigger.” Even Candy says, “Ya see that stable buck’s a nigger” (22). Crooks is a different color, so he sleeps in the barn with the horses (67). When he's alone all day and sleeps alone, Crooks feels as if he can't have friends and feel noticed. All because of his color. Crooks can't even play cards with the “white men” (68). Even the ranch boss “gives him hell when he's mad” (20). Candy tells George that “he has a crooked back” (20). The boss has no reason to get mad at him, he just does it because Crooks is colored. Crooks says, “Guys don't come into a colored mans room very much” (75). She once says, …show more content…

Some people refer to him as “old man” (24). He only has one hand, so some stuff he can't do, so that's another reason why he's an outcast. A lot of people think his dog is really smelly. Carlson says, “God awmighty, that dog stinks. Get him outta here, Candy! I don't know nothing that stinks as bad as an old dog. You gotta get him out.” The he says, “Why’n’t you shoot him, Candy?” By Carlson saying that, they all end up peer-pressuring Candy to shoot his dog because he stinks, and he's old. So Candy ends up saying ok and goes back to feeling unhappy and like he doesn't exist. So because Candy is old, he is often left out, and is a social

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