Examples Of Transcendentalism In Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless

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If there is one person in the past or present that lived a truly transcendental life, many would say it was Alexander Supertramp, otherwise known as Chris McCandless. Throughout the 1990s, this man took transcendentalism to a new level that not many people in this day and age had seen before. In different points in his life, he exhibited all 8 of the main keys of transcendentalism. This paper will touch on just three of those, starting with reducing dependence on property. This is probably the number one key that is seen the most from McCandless in Into The Wild. Chris McCandless exhibits many transcendental keys throughout this book. One that really stood out was in chapter 13. The book describes the time that McCandless's family was given back all of his possessions because it showed how McCandless had reduced his dependence on property altogether. Despite making a voyage to Alaska, one of the last frontiers on earth, Chris McCandless brought little more than the clothes on his back. This is easily related to “Walden”, because Thoreau behaves the same way as he goes to live by himself in the wild with very little belongings. This is just one of the many transcendental keys seen from our tragic hero. Another point that occurs …show more content…

At the same time, I do not agree with transcendentalism for the simple fact that it seems to be a little too extreme for my taste. I love the outdoors and exploring as much as anyone else, but it does not seem logical to drop all your belongings and go explore the country with no supplies to live. I am a firm believer in the fact that you should express yourself, as well as trust your intuition and respect nature. I have points where I agree and disagree with transcendentalism for different reasons, but I do not think I could ever really live a transcendental life especially in today’s

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