Examples Of Vengeance In Frankenstein

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Vengeance in Frankenstein Throughout Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein we see how the isolation and detachment from society leads to the characters desire for revenge. As Victor Frankenstein, the Creature, and other characters develop and change throughout the story, we see how they often grow indignant of others actions and seek a way to get back at them. The most prominent example of this being shown through the Creature where he grows greatly disconnected from society which leads him to grow hatred for Victor Frankenstein and kill people. Once the creature is created and immediately abandoned/shunned by others in the public, he turns to evil and seeks to kill those who have made him the way he is. In this case the creature targets people close …show more content…

As his project is done and he grows scared of the creature and abandons it, the presence still haunts him. We later see the creature's actions of murder which lead Victor to feel great hostility towards the creature and chase him around in the name of revenge. The monster does not ever attack Victor personally but on a much more mental level. With each death of friends or close partners of Victor he grows more and more lost within his thoughts and the overwhelming feeling of guilt. The death of William which leads to the false accusations and eventually execution of Justine is one that prominently sticks out. This guilt eventually turns to revenge as he comes to the realization that only he can stop the monster he created. The growing rage and desire for revenge sparks Victor, “Tears, the first I had shed for many months, streamed from my eyes, and I resolved not to fall before my enemy without a bitter struggle.”(Shelley, 20) Victor’s sense of retribution grew so strong that he died in spite of stopping his

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