Explain The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Us Constitution

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The United States Constitution overcame the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation to provide the organization of the new government. In the late 1700s, in the thirteen original colonies the American Revolution was fought against the British. In this war, the outnumbered colonists won. After the war, they developed the Articles of Confederation, which were the first type of government that the colonists had. This government was very weak. Preceding the formation of the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention was held in which delegates debated about the representation of our country and how the states would be represented. Do to the weakness of the Articles, delegates had another debate on whether or not to create a U.S. …show more content…

For the Constitution to be applied it first had to be ratified. Once it was written each state held a convention to decide whether they approve of it or not. For it to be ratified, nine out of the thirteen states had to agree. Not all of the states agreed that the Constitution should be ratified, these states were North Carolina and Rhode Island. On one side of the Constitution, was the federalists who wanted the Constitution to be ratified. These people favored a strong National Government. They wanted the Central Government to have power so it wasn’t weak like it was under the Articles. The main Federalists were Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. They three men also wrote the Federalists Papers. On the other side were the Anti-Federalists, who did not want the Constitution to be ratified. They felt the Government would be too strong under the Constitution. They felt it weakened the states too much. One of three main reasons to be against the Constitution was that they felt a President was too much like the King they just left. Significant Anti-Federalists were George Mason, and Patrick Henry. In the end, the Federalists won and the Constitution was

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