Explain Why The Crucible Still Happened Today

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Do Events Similar in the Crucible Still Happen Today? The Crucible tells a story of how teenage girls managed to get people sent to jail, killed, depressed, or left with nothing. These teenagers lied about how someone is possessed or sending spirits after someone. The events in the Crucible that are similar due to lies could happen or still is happening to this day. There are news articles about teenagers lying to their parents, teachers, or coaches about their grades, life, or about someone else. Teenage girls think of how much trouble she can cause for somebody if she doesn’t like the person. A single lie could give somebody into deep trouble, such as a teacher for example. The teenager would lie about her assignments are completed and the teacher would reply about how the teenager never completed the assigned homework. The teenager goes to her parents or guardians and says she finished the assignments, but, she never finished or even touched the assignments. The teenager …show more content…

The teenager wouldn’t be bothered unless the teenager is going to cause similar problems with multiple teachers, then the parents will be dragged into a mess with the school about the teenager’s lies about her assignments and the teachers. The teenager would get into further trouble with the school and the teachers which can lead to the teenager to being suspended or expelled from the school. The teenager would not only get teachers in trouble, but the teenager is going to be causing multiple serious consequences within the family and the school. The school’s teachers could press charges against the teenager’s family that have brought into the trouble with the teenager’s lies. The teenager would be looked down upon by her parents, teachers, classmates, neighbors, and the school. The teenager’s reputation is going to be ruined from her

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