Fahrenheit 451 Style Analysis Essay

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Evan Freeman 6/29/16 P.1 Style Analysis Essay In the book Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses style to convey multiple meanings inside his work. For example on the very first page in the book he says that “It was a pleasure to see things burnt and eaten.”(3). This quote tells us that most people in the main characters society are obsessed with fire and what it does to things such as books. The way that Bradbury uses tone in his book can be described as being very dark. When Montag comes home from his long day at work he notices that his wife has overdosed on her sleeping pills(12). Another example of how Bradbury uses the dark tone is when Montag is doing his job as a fireman and had witnessed the suicide of an old woman with her books(43). These quotes represent a dark tone because it tackles the fear of death over learning in Montag’s culture. In his lifetime Montag realizes how important books really are. …show more content…

I Believe this is the case because of the way he uses strings of words. This greatly impacts the experience of Fahrenheit 451 because when you read a passage it enhances the feel of the entire book with Bradbury’s formal language. An example of this would be “A few house lights were going on again down the street, whether from the incidents just passed or because of the abnormal silence following the fight, Montag did not know.”(121). Throughout the novel the diction is very connotative. An example would be when Bradbury describes the sand and the sieve when Montag was a child. This can also be applied when describing the overall feeling of the words being used. Bradbury uses many terms that sound cacophonous, meaning negative. An instance of this kind of language would be “Who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a tv

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