Family In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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Throughout the graphic novel, Persepolis, the author Marjane Satrapi uses the thematic idea of family to represent that when a country goes to war, the ones that care about you should always be there for you, no matter the circumstance. Satrapi prioritizes family during the war, because during the violent Iranian Revolution, the lives of others, especially the enemy, become an afterthought. People like Marji need their family during this time of struggle because without them, nobody can guide and assist her, therefore, she will get lost on her path to becoming a mature adult. Family is the one thing in life that is unchangeable, and in the graphic novel Persepolis, it is essential for every character to love and care for their own. To begin, …show more content…

One way they do this is by not allowing Marji to attend the demonstrations against the Shah. On page 16, Marji expresses her extreme desire to go demonstrate with her parents the next day. Marji’s father, Ebi, claims that “it is very dangerous. They shoot people!” (17), and that Marji “can participate later on” (17). These restrictions anger Marji greatly, because she wants to become an adult and attend the demonstrations right alongside her parents. Following the demonstrations, when the actual war starts, Marji’s parents take her on a vacation to Italy and Spain, for three whole weeks. This may seem to Marji as a fun vacation, but its true purpose is because the Satrapi family may never get to go on vacation again, and the war is coming and they do not want to be in Iran when it begins. Without her parents Marji would be stuck in Iran, helpless, and most likely dead from the demonstrations. Satrapi creates the motif of Marji’s parents caring about her to show how significant their actions are for Marji’s life and well being. This means that even though the war is coming and Marji’s parents could be busy demonstrating against it, they choose to be there for Marji and get her out of there, to somewhere where she is safe for a

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