Fellowship Of The Rings Hero's Journey

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In the novel The Fellowship of the Rings by J.J.R. Tolkien, the prominence of a hero’s journey shines in the characters and the paths they take. The hero’s journey, an outline written by Joseph Campbell distinguishes the pieces that create a hero’s journey. The opening of the story will have a call to action, the smallest chance of conflict will occur and the hero will get pulled away from their everyday life and into one filled with action. The protagonist will meet a “supernatural aid”–a wise older person to guide them along the way and provide extra help. Soon, a road of trials will test the hero’s worthiness through the wise and the lesser. The Fellowship of the Rings reflects plenty of the outlined traits for a hero’s journey in its call to action, belly of the whale, and road of trials encountered so far. S The commencement of a hero’s journey will usually begin with a call to action. For Frodo this was when he came to Bilbo’s house for their birthdays and when he receives the ring. He was completely unaware that Gandalf would get Bilbo to give the ring away, “‘Stop possessing it. Give it to Frodo, and I will look after him.’”(45). Gandalf sees that the ring starts to …show more content…

In Fellowship of the Ring, this help comes in the form of Gandalf the Grey. In the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, the supernatural aid can be described as a wise old man or fairy godmother character who gives the protagonist an amulet or something of that nature that will assist the protagonist in their journey. The magical item that Frodo receives to “help” him on his voyage would obviously be the ring. When Frodo receives the ring through Gandalf the Grey he wonders if the ring will be of any use and says this:“‘The ring!’ exclaimed Frodo. ‘Has he left me that? I wonder why. Still, it may be useful.’”(47). Gandalf knowingly responds by telling Frodo maybe it will, maybe it won’t be useful but to keep it

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