Frederick Douglass: A Black, Male Slave That Changed America

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Frederick Douglass was a black, male slave that changed America. He advised presidents,

gave speeches and, helped win the civil war. As a leader, he guided america to have peace with

each other, and make right for slaves as well. Even when he was discriminated and mistreated,

he never gave up.Douglass has never been forgotten and he is remembered as one of the greatest

activist of all time.

Frederick Douglass was born on February 1817 in Maryland. His date of birth remains unknown, but we still celebrate it around February. Douglass was born into slavery and separated from his mother at an early age. Douglas's mother named him Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey he never knew or saw his father. Douglass turned 8 in 1825, and worked …show more content…

He then adopted the name Douglass and married a free African American woman from the South. They settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where their children were born. Douglass tried to make a living doing hard labor, and he quickly became involved in the antislavery movement that was gaining strength in the North. Douglass was a great speaker, his speeches were well thought out and Touching, and he was able to inspire those who had heard him. Some Harvard students who had heard him speak were so impressed that they pleaded him to write an autobiography about himself. He had then made three! Autobiographies about himself in 1881. In 1861 war broke out between Northern and Southern states in which the main issues was slavery in the Southern states. The south wanted to leave the Union and form an independent nation, Douglass insisted that African Americans should be allowed to fight. In 1863, Douglass's continued urging, President Abraham Lincoln to recruit African American soldiers for the Union. He finally accepted in 1864 and as the war proceeded, Douglass had several meetings with Lincoln to discuss the use and treatment of African American soldiers by the Union forces. It did not affect Lincoln decision at all. In 1865 the Union had won the war and Douglass was a hero back home to many students and african

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