From My Work As A Learning Mentor With KS3 Students

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Enabling children to achieve and develop a thirst for knowledge and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives I can only be positive. As teachers, we have play a key part in a childs development, and can be pivotal in their future success.I believe that education is the single most crucial thing we can give. From my work as a Learning Mentor with KS3 students, I really feel that I would like to make an impact from a younger age, when children are rapidly developing. Child development fascinates me. Barriers to learning must be removed to ensure the student has equal access to the curriculum as every other child, regardless of any educational need which may arise.
I taught on a BTEC Sports Performance and Excellence Programme during my FE PGCE year, and delivered on a progression course for students who had not had the opportunity to continue with mainstream education pathway. …show more content…

An example of this is when I taught a session during my time at Otley. Many of the learners were kinaesthetically appealed, therefore, delivering a theory based session would pose challenging. With a lack of any scientific modelling kits, i improvised and got students modelling ATP molecules with Play Dough and cocktail sticks, representing different atoms with different colours. The students really engaged with this task, and were able to physically see what was going on at a cellular level. Students tool pictures and were able to incorporate this into some of their assignment work. Science, for one session, became fun for these students! I could refer back to this in future

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