Future Advancements In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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“Fahrenheit 451” is a novel written in a Utopian/dystopian fiction genre by Ray Bradbury. The people who live in the society focused on in “Fahrenheit 451” do not read books, enjoy anything outside their homes, have an independent mind, or have any form for a meaningful conversation. However, Guy Montag tries to prevent the society from continuing that way and moves on to rebuild civilization. Ray Bradbury wrote this novel with the intent to show the audience the future advancements and how it would affect society with what the future could hold in technology, medical works, and art. The advancements in technology range from multiple …show more content…

Instead “he put his hand into the glove hole of his front door and let it know his touch. The front door slid open.” (Bradbury, 8). Breakfast had gotten easier, and lazier too. “Toast popped out of the silver toaster, was seized by a spidery metal hand that drenched it with melted butter.” (Bradbury, 16). Then “the toast delivered to the plate.” (Bradbury, 16). Animals to were advanced to technology. Instead of having a dog they would have a “Mechanical Hound that slept but did not sleep, lived but did not live in its gently humming, gently vibrating, softly illuminated kennel.” (Bradbury, 21). These future advancements are having the society depend on electronics to continue on in their everyday life. It affects society with the fact that they need electronics to be happy and live the best life when they don't …show more content…

They use machines that are specifically designed for one thing and if it does not work then the next step is unknown. In this society they “get these cases nine or ten a night.” (Bradbury, 13), meaning the calls are regularly about someone overdosing. Therefore “this machine pumped all of the blood from the body and replaced it with fresh blood and serum.” (Bradbury 12) because “you take out the old and put in the new and you're okay.” (Bradbury 13). This affects society with what the future can hold because the overdosing calls are house calls where these men are not M.D., they're just men who have the special machines and take care of the problem in half an hour then leave. They will never be sure how the patient will react to the medical treatment or even if they will wake up. They let the machine do what it's designed for and then they leave. It leaves the people within the society not knowing what could happen to their loved ones. Those specially designed machines are not doctors, for they don't say whats going to happen to the patient let alone know how

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