Video Game Addiction

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Video games are widely known and been popular in this modern era while targeting a variety of people in different ages. The rivalry and excitements of the games causes addiction to youngsters where games now became the most common recreational programs for them. In order to reach higher level of the game, students immerse in the game so much that they completely isolate from their surroundings. Struggling with the obstacles and reaching higher level in the game, causes players to get very excited while at the same time losing the game make them anxious. According to Griffiths (2010), since the early 1980s, video game playing has been fairly widespread and it is known as one of the most popular leisure activities for students and young …show more content…

There is little known about the longer-term effects that video game playing could have on the social development of student. Students that are addicted to gaming were found to be significantly prefer video game playing rather than socializing. Students who are addicted to video games often encounter situations where they had to choose whether to interact with the virtual world or the real world. Sadly, the real world hardly wins. Gamers spend so much of their time playing that their personal relationship gets neglected and sometimes disappear altogether. They won't, or can't, engage in the real world conversations or be the source of encouragement or support to family and friends. Because their friends talk about other things, they start to feel left out, which causes them to feel offended or irritated. It did not occur to them that they chose to be left out by devoting all of their time to gaming. Griffiths (2010) who claimed that students who were dependent were more likely to favor video games over friend. The lack of social interaction among other students that results from excessive gaming can cause long term social consequences. An addicted gamer would not develop effective social skills, which will hinder his or her ability to maintain and develop healthy relationships in college and beyond. All of a sudden, he's 22 but still has the social interaction of a 14-year-old person. He does not know how to talk to girls, make new friends or just "hang out” and enjoy company with people. The social awkwardness created by the isolationism of video game addiction, unfortunately, feeds the addiction. The addicted gamer will likely go back to his online world where the relationships are easier to get and already waiting for him there. Some of them are even good at making friends through online gameplay. They get to meet new players and sooner or later they would interact with each other to play games

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