Gender Roles In Shakespeare's Macbeth '

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Macbeth is a tragedy chronicling a highly esteemed man’s demise, due to his transformation into a ruthless and apathetic human being. Regardless of his tyrannous behaviour, is Macbeth deserving of sympathy because of the external forces that meddled in his affairs? Francesco Aristide Ancona and Mary Ives Thompson attempt to deal with this question and the impact of gender roles in their essay, “ He says/ She says: Shakespeare’s Macbeth (A gender/ personality study).” Ancona and Thompson argue in their essay that Macbeth’s downfall was ultimately because of his wife, Lady Macbeth. “ Macbeth’s real tragedy is his marriage.” Macbeth suffered so much pain and grief at the hands of his “fiendlike” wife. She is the primary reason for transforming

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