Genetically Engineered Foods Affect Our Society In A Consequential Way

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Your Project Essay Claim: Genetically engineered foods affect our society in a consequential way by contributing to tumors, allergic reaction, and new diseases. Source #1 details- Genetically Engineered Food Production Boukerrou, L. P. (2016). Genetically Engineered Food Production. Salem Press Encyclopedia Of Science, This articles explains how genetically engineered foods can be seen as an advantage and disadvantage. Boukerrou explains how genetically engineered foods and why they are made. He explains they benefits associated in using genetically engineered foods. They are used for virus and insect resistance, herbicide tolerance and animals they go through this process. His main concern is the effect human health, the environment and cost. Source #2- Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and Ethical Eating Dizon, F., Costa, S., Rock, C., Harris, A., Husk, C., & Mei, J. (2016). Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and Ethical Eating. Journal Of Food Science, 81(2), R287-R291. doi:10.1111/1750-3841.13191 This article makes a connection between genetically foods to ethical eating. The foods have a debate on a result of their industrial applications and potential consequences of their use. It explains how these ethical issues relate to health issues, regulations, cross …show more content…

Having foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients is beneficial, but the law does not require much towards that. The law only requires producers to stated that their products are genetically engineered or contain some type of genetically engineered ingredient. They do not have to included what kind of genetically engineered ingredients it composes, or the amount it consists of. Levin appreciate the law being put into place however, he doesn’t believe it is enough. He believes the foods that are genetically engineered should be more noticeable and contain more information for those who want to be

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