George Lucas's Star Wars: A Work Of Art

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Star Wars is the dream baby created by George Lucas who not only created the story but also directed the film. Usually films are a collaboration effort consisting of a Director, the story writer, special effects, and set design. George Lucas did all these things mostly himself, or direction of how it was to be done, came directly from him. Being soul creator on every level of the film defines Lucas as a true artist and Star Wars as a work of art, an original of its kind.
A work of art can be defined by its relevance and effect on society or those who view it with admiration. There are more quotes/reference in films and society that revolve around Star Wars than any other film in American history. It is implemented in American culture that continues generation after generation. …show more content…

Such can be said about iconic fashionable creations from Coco Chanel and the infamous Pink wool suit with matching pill box hat. Star Wars also has maintained its effect through time and holds the captivation and popularity in modern American culture. What captivates audiences since the movie’s release in 1977 is the interaction between alien, android, and human species and the relationships that transpire. The technological possibilities and difficulties mastered and invented by Lucas were marveled and considered advancements in movie special effects. Lucas pioneered creature creation and android creation that resembled no other. Everything about Star Wars is an

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