Goody Proctor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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“The Crucible,” an Arthur Miller play, is a story during the Salem Witchcraft trials, where accusations of witchcraft were made. Elizabeth, the wife of John Proctor, found out that John had an affair with a young seventeen year old, Abigail Williams. Goody Proctor displays a disturbed tone as suspicion rose between John and Abigail’s relationship. John proctor is angered and displays an indignant tone towards Elizabeth for not trusting him. When Elizabeth tells Mr. Proctor, “then go and tell her she’s a whore,” Goody Proctor wants John to defame Abigail because she knows what happened between them. Elizabeth calling Abigail a “whore” displays how much hate and disgust Elizabeth feels toward Abigail, which reveals her disturbed tone. The second

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