Government Surveillance In Monica Hughes's Invitation To The Game

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Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you? We may not see it, but government surveillance has skyrocketed throughout the years. Anything that we do with our electronic devices can be monitored by the government. Our privacy can be intruded on and we don’t even have a clue. Once our information is in the government’s hands, it can be spread widely and kept for years, and the rules about access and use can be changed entirely in secret without the public ever knowing. This has caused people to be unable to travel, attain jobs, or even access their own money. In Monica Hughes’s Invitation to the Game, we see examples of government surveillance such as the thought police that infiltrate the character’s minds to get information.(pg.19) A lot has led up to the advanced government surveillance that we have today. Government surveillance has been around since the Roman Empire days. In Ancient Rome, …show more content…

I hated that we had not even an inch of freedom or privacy. Fourteen years ago in 2102, I had a tracker embedded into my arm the day I was born. Ever since that day, the government has somehow been able to track my every move and thought. This happens to the entire population. The only good part that comes out of it, is that we haven’t had a serious crime since 2078. If they find anyone doing or thinking something they find as threatening, risky, or intolerable, they will put it on your record. If you acquire more than 50 alerts by the age 30, you will be put in a government prison for the rest of your life. I’m already at 15 alerts. We are taught at a very young age to live by every rule we are given, and to never rebel. Sometimes I wonder if the life we live is even worth it since our creativity, thoughts, and actions seem to be a curriculum that we must follow. Sometimes I also wonder what life would be like if we were free of these invisible reigns. Oh, there goes my beeper

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