Great Barrier Reef Research Paper

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The Great Barrier Reef- a fragile ecosystem

1 Australia- a country of diversity No matter how far I have traversed around this earth, I have yet to find another location that rivals Australia. Nowhere else on earth can you find such spectacular landscapes, such unique and fascinating animals, and such warm friendly people. This is why I will always call Australia home. 1 This is a quote by Adam Cropp, who grew up in Port Douglas, Australia.2 He travels around the world regularly but still thinks Australia is the most beautiful and varied country in the world. Australia truly has many assets: big, beautiful and multicultural cities like Sydney or Canberra, an interesting, but sad past about racism and segregation of the indigenous people …show more content…

The Great Barrier Reef is also named one of the seven natural wonders of the earth as it inhabits colorful kinds of sponges and fish, an incredible variety of water plants and, of course, many different types of corals.4 The main aims of this term paper are to show why the Great Barrier Reef is a fragile ecosystem, the factors the reef depends on, how global warming boosted by human kind damages the reef, and other threats (mainly caused by human kind) the reef has to deal with, what the future will look like with a damaged and weak reef, as well as suggest some means of protection against the destruction of natural wonders like the Great Barrier …show more content…

It is very important to protect the Great Barrier Reef as it represents cultural, spiritual, economic, social and physical values of their land and it also demonstrates the connection between it and the traditional owners as it belonged to them for a very long time.The Great Barrier as it is unique, beautiful, and fascinating ecosystem has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981 due to its size, structure and high levels of biodiversity; at that time it was the first coral reef ecosystem on the planet to have this qualification. In May 2007, the Great Barrier Reef was also placed on the National Heritage List because it is a place that contributes to the national identity of Australia as it shows the connection between past occasions, procedures and the

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