Great Depression Heroism Essay

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It may not be noticeable in a tiny town, or even in a large place, but there is heroism everywhere. Heroism can be seen during the Depression everywhere, it can be seen in children through the elderly. The African Americans during this time are going through hard work and inequality, but they still went through it, hoping they could make a change for future generations. The whites were also heroes by surviving through the Depression too. Being a hero does not mean a person wins, but they try for what that individual believes is the better situation. That is not the only way to have heroism if a person stands up for what they believe in, that is considered heroism too. Heroes sacrifice themselves for the better and stand up for what they believe in, they are determined and firm, and they have courage and fortitude.

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They went through the struggles of a regular life and through slavery and discrimination. African Americans worked even harder than the rest of the people. They were punished and looked down upon. They went through what they did since it was what was best for the future generations and their children. In Maycomb and in other little towns, if you were white and stood up for blacks than you were looked down upon also. Both of those people are heroes. When they were treated poorly, they kept going and did not cave.

In conclusion, heroism is not one entity or another. It is what a person believes in, doing a job and doing it well for something better, and being brave and determined. Everyone is a hero if they try and form their own thoughts and stick by what they believe. Heroism is also when someone hits rock bottom but they don’t give up and when that person loses, they have courage to come back up and try again. A hero can be young to old, but they always try to make the right

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