Gregor Samssa Monologue

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A press release from the leading pathological research lab in Prague, three days after the death of Gregor Samsa In these days after the monstrous vermin was discovered outside of Prague and the body was transported to our lab, international media has been whipping up a storm within the general populous. My attempt today is to both provide a warning and to assuage the panic that has gripped not just the people of Prague, but the world at large. Firstly, what afflicted the unfortunate man is controlled to the best of our and the local government’s ability. As far as we can tell from our experiments and tests, this creature has the DNA and biochemistry of an adult human. We have several theories regarding how this disease came to be, however its dormancy could not be explained. The late Gregor Samsa from everything we could gather was a rather unremarkable man. He lived the life of a traveling salesman, yet was seemingly fraught with stress …show more content…

She seemed almost happy as she lay on the ground in her final moments. This leads us to believe that the subjects who underwent this metamorphosis, did so out their own free will. Those who underwent this transfiguration did so as a final stage of their life; a form of non-violent suicide. The stress and pressures of the world built up on them and using Gregor’s escape from this world as an example, they followed suit. We have decided that the most humane way to deal with this situation is to keep the subjects quarantined as they pass on and allow families to bury their deceased once the bodies have been determined to be free of any pathogens. It is a shame that Gregor and these subjects ended their lives in this way, but their deaths will not be forgotten. In some regards they chose a rather honorable way out, on their own

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