Guns Control: An Argument Against Gun Control

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Have you ever wanted to learn about gun control, there are many arguments that have to do with the arguments. There are many different directions that people want the gun laws to go. This paper is going to talk about all of the sides of the argument, but some people are strong believers about their reasons, some reasons are better than others. This paper is going to give information about all of the arguments that are associated with gun control. The arguments are some people wanting to ban all kinds of guns, some people who want all guns to stay legal, and the government trying to keep the peace between both stubborn headed arguments. In the first place, there are people that think strong gun control or banning guns will keep the gun violence…show more content…
Somewhere in the region of about “32 percent of americans want guns to stay legal,” (“Politics”). The anti gun-control advocates say that banning guns will only encourage criminals to commit crimes because average citizens will no longer have a firearm to protect themselves from these criminals or to use when they go hunt for animals. This would increase the crime rate by criminals being more tempted to commit a crime if they knew that the victim was armed with a gun. The NRA, which stands for National Rifle Association does not want normal people to be punished for the acts of criminals. The NRA was created to regulate the guns that are sold and what is needed before a gun is sold to a gun owner. The NRA also enforces laws that are passed about the guns in America. More people are seeing guns as a way for people to protect themselves instead of a way for criminals to commit…show more content…
There were also some extra facts thrown into the mix. This paper has covered why people want stronger gun control, and how they plan to do it. Also how people do not want stronger gun control, and how those people want to accomplish their goals. The government was being the middle of the argument and trying to keep the peace between the two arguments. This paper has been written for the purpose of informing people about the gun control arguments so that decisions can be made about which argument people want to stand with. Works Cited “Gun Control.” World Book, 2006th ed., vol. 8, World Book Inc, 2006, pp. 440–441. "How we hunt." Field & Stream, July 2012, p. 67. Research in Context, Accessed 30 Jan. 2018. "Politics 2013: Controlling gun violence." UPI NewsTrack, 13 Jan. 2013. Research in Context,

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