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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet struggles to take action against Claudius who murdered his father and has stolen the throne. Hamlet is afraid if he takes revenge and kills Claudius he will have to take over the throne. Hamlet is afraid to take responsibility for the kingdom. As a result, Hamlet hides in his emotions. Hamlet is too emotional to take revenge. In the end, Hamlet does take revenge for his father’s murder knowing he will not have to struggle with the throne.
The theme of revenge in Hamlet is seen through many of the characters and is necessary for the development of the main characters. Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras all seek revenge for the deaths of their fathers. Initially, after the murders, each one knew what they were going to do to take action and obtain vengeance. As the play unfolds, each character finds their purpose for taking revenge and chooses different paths towards taking action.
For Fortinbras and Laertes, their revenge was not as touched upon. Fortinbras quick thinking and self-control helps him achieve his revenge in a way that isn’t forced or on an act of impulse.
“Now, sir, young Fortinbras,
Of unimprovèd mettle hot and full,
Hath in the skirts of Norway here and there
Shark'd up a list of lawless resolutes
For food and diet to some enterprise
That hath a stomach in 't; which is no other
(As …show more content…

The ghost of Hamlet’s father caused Hamlet's death by telling Hamlet to get revenge. Before this encounter and finding out the truth, Hamlet wanted no part in getting revenge. In the attempt to pursue the wish of his father, Hamlet carelessly kills Polonius. When Laertes listens to King Claudius’s plan to kill Hamlet, they bring death upon themselves. In the end, the men’s fate was determined not only by their actions but by what they were feeling and whom they listened to. Hamlets successful revenge led him to

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