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Hamlet’s Sanity “What if it tempts you toward the flood, my lord ... And there assume some other horrible form Which might deprive your sovereignty of reason And draw you into madness?” (1.4.77-82 Shakespeare). Horatio says this to Hamlet while warning him he may go mad if he continues to talk to his father's ghost. This helps demonstrate how certain characters question Hamlet’s sanity. Countless literary critics have written about Hamlet’s insanity throughout the years. Though many may believe Hamlet had gone mad, Hamlet is, in fact, not insane but rather going through an extremely tough time in his life and experiencing regular human emotion. In "Character Analysis of Hamlet: Psychological Disorders." by the renowned literary critic, Ivana …show more content…

You cannot conclude that at all. The term ‘crazy’ in itself is problematic. Events may have triggered certain episodes, and these factors have an interplay with genetic factors, a phenomenon conceptualized under the name gene-environment interactions.” (Mabunay …show more content…

He may have had Bipolar I Disorder.” (Mabunay 1) This quote does not help understand the play as a whole due to Mabunay failing to address the countless intrusions on Hamlet’s life from his friends and family. By neglecting to fully understand what Hamlet has to deal with following his father's death, Mabunay cannot fully assess his mental state. "Depressive Illness Delayed Hamlet’s Revenge." by professor Neil Pickering discusses Hamlet’s depression during the play. This article is a psychoanalytic criticism as well because it discusses Hamlet’s depression and mental state throughout the play. Pickering article is helpful in understanding certain aspects of Hamlet’s mental state throughout the play such as the extreme stresses he is put

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