Harriet Tubman Qualities

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This essay aims to explain how Harriet Tubman had the qualities of a leader and showed many attributes and competencies. The Be-Know-Do army leadership model ensures leaders act effectively and decisively when faced with challenging situations, ambiguity, and swift change. The leaders must have relentless focus and understand their priorities. Harriet Tubman was born between 1820 and 1822. Harriet Tubman was a "former slave turned abolitionist who bravely risked her life to free both slaves and her family members through the underground railroad" (Appelbaum). She was also a scout and Union spy during the American Civil War (Michals). Harriet endured many struggles, including being beaten by her masters, to get free and represent the needs of …show more content…

Harriet Tubman showed attributes and competencies by having intellect and achieving to provide shelter and food for the enslaved people she freed. "She would wander the streets under Confederate control and learn about Confederate troop placements and supply lines from the enslaved population. Tubman helped many of these individuals find food, shelter, and jobs in the North (Michals). Tubman was a leader that wanted her followers to believe in themselves and freedom. This was the best way for them to take huge risks without guaranteeing safety. She was the first woman to lead an assault in the Civil War. During the raid, "More than 700 escaped slavery and made it onto the gunboats" (Clark). Tubman's leadership involved doing what it takes to get things done. She joined the suffrage movement that resulted in women in the United States being granted the right to vote. "After the war, Tubman raised funds to aid freedmen, joined Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in their quest for women's suffrage, cared for her aging parents, and worked with white writer Sarah Bradford on her autobiography as a potential source of income" (Michals). However, Harriet Tubman was honest and truthful about her mission for this to happen. She explained that the slaves would be free or die while captive. This wasn't easy to hear, but it helped …show more content…

She showed attributes in her character by being humble and not thinking of herself to be free but going back to help other enslaved people and their families. Tubman led her presence by being confident and resilient in helping other enslaved people without letting her past affect her. Tubman showed the attribute of intellect by becoming an expert in the escape routes through the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman showed competencies by being able to lead other people and getting others to trust her. People knew that Tubman knew what she was doing and didn't question her. Tubman showed competence in development because she created a positive environment by getting acquainted with people along the routes to provide food and shelter for people following her. The last leadership quality that Harriet Tubman acquired was to achieve and get results. "Nevertheless, it's believed Harriet personally led at least 70 enslaved people to freedom, including her elderly parents, and instructed dozens of others on how to escape on their own" (History.com Editors). Overall, Harriet Tubman was a great leader that, even today, people recognized. She showed many qualities of a great leader and had many attributes of the leadership requirements

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