Harvey Weinsteingate: The Power Of Men And Women In Hollywood

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Harvey Weinstein is now synonymous with the hubris that typifies powerful men in Hollywood and indeed across society. The disgraced film mogul was so enamored with his self-imagined invincibility that he systemically preyed on young actresses for decades. In the wake of “Weinsteingate”, 20 other public figures ranging from film directors to politicians—all men— stand accused of similar sexual misconduct. Are mothers raising boys wrong? Or are men genetically hardwired to treat women as playthings once they acquire power? Feminists are now calling Weinstein the poster-child of an immovable patriarchy that has long oppressed women around the world. While international law guarantees women economic and civic equality, men resist treating them as social equals. Meaning the express acknowledgement that men and women are identical in talent, productivity and innovation. …show more content…

That is the crux. Feminism is about addressing the power imbalances.” This echoed the core feminist narrative that men consciously and ruthlessly use every means at their disposal to marginalize women. This narrative, however, never addresses why men wield this power in the first

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