Henry Ford's Impact On America

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Henry Ford had a positive impact on America due to his invention of the universal Model T, creation of high efficient assembly lines on automobile manufacturing, improvements on workers’ treatment in the factory, and making the car part of people’s everyday life. During his youth, he took an apprentice job which taught him many skills including operating steam engines. Moreover, it increased his knowledge on machines, facility for leadership, and a habit of learning by trial and error, which all contributed to his success. During his lifetime, Ford had many accomplishments that contributed greatness to America in many aspects. Ford established the Ford Motor Company, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Ford became America’s Premium brand in automobiles. In addition, he built the Rouge Plant which is the most efficient car factory at the time. This plant differed from others in that it fully utilized the assembly line and it was totally self-sufficient. It made steel from iron ore, …show more content…

He raised the minimum wage to five dollars per day, a massive leap from the common one to two dollars per day at the time. This attracted loyal and hardworking employees. Ford’s factories’ assembly lines employed many low-skilled workers, which stimulated the growth of the working/middle class. Before Ford’s endeavor, workers worked nine or more hours everyday. Under Ford’s leadership and intention, the common work hours became eight hours per day. The reduction of work hours meant better treatment for employees, boosted morale, and resulted in higher quality in product. In addition, employees were able to purchase cars they produced with their decent salaries. Gradually, the workers became consumers of the product as well. It mainly consisted of lower-skilled workers from immigrants, and farmers. These people emerged as the middle class, and expanded the workforce

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