Hills Like White Elephants

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Hills like White Elephants, is a short story that was written by Ernest Hemingway in 1927. The stories main technique in giving information to the reader is using dialogue. There is a conversation between an American man and a girl who is with him. The two are at the crossroads waiting for a train at a railroad station between Barcelona and Madrid. They never specifically address what they are talking about, but they are debating about whether the woman should get a procedure or not and what will happen to their relationship and lives if she does or does not have the procedure. It can be deduced that the procedure the couple is talking about is an abortion. However in a story that uses mostly dialogue, this story also takes the time to describe …show more content…

The girl is looking out on this landscape after her and the American had discussed the abortion. The American had just said getting an abortion is the best thing to do and the girl has come to the conclusion that she does not care about herself, but just the American. This means at this moment she is thinking about having the abortion. Looking at the landscape the girl is thinking of all their lives would be missing if she has the abortion. She asks the American, “And we could have all this,” she said, “And we could have everything and every day we make it more impossible,” (Hemmingway 477). This is the girls saying they could have a life with more meaning and more excitement, but every day they continue in their routine the more impossible it is to have that life. If they continue as things are and she has the abortion they will be stuck in their mundane lives. The girl is fascinated by this more exciting landscape and wanders towards it. The American quickly ushers her back to the table and away from the landscape because he does not want a life with a child. He wants things to stay the same. He is happy with the

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