Holden Caulfield Satire

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The Catcher And The Rye by J.D. Salinger is an epic novel where our main character Holden Caulfield faces many challenges that challenge him as a young man such as growing up, rebellion, and love. Holden like most teenagers is rebellious but to an extreme nature. After flunking out of his fourth school the last one being Pencey Prep he refuses to tell his mother and father. In wanting to avoid this confrontation he leaves three days earlier taking a train back to Manhattan. Where he goes on adventure that turns him into a young man. Throughout this adventure he experiences chuckles, insights on life, friendship, and love withdrawals. This novel was intended to not only reach out to the common teenagers but really connect with the outcast. J.D. Salinger uses Holden to capture the spirit of every outcast and put it all in a ball and throw it at the reader showing the hidden world every outcast lives in. How I read this book …show more content…

Salinger uses satire as the tone of this novel most popularly seen in Holden. Holden's witty remarks and smart alec nature is effective tool in what makes this novel work. This book appealed to me on logical way. After seeing what Holden had experienced this makes the outcast world seem more understandable and why certain individuals act and feel the way they do. This book is important enough to be on the list because although it is seen from one perspective it can relate to all teenagers in a sense. It is simply one person searching for who they are and they just do it in a different way. This book shows how one person is dealing with a problem that no matter who you are you will face, growing up. If you are looking for a book that shows what growing up is in a sense The Catcher In The Rye may not cover every encounter one might face but is good at showing what it takes to become an adult in the real

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