Honor In Beowulf's Vengeance

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Beowulf’s Vengeance
It is a fair night in Geatland, and Beowulf is celebrating his victory over Grendel's Mother in the mead hall Higlac built for his nephew. The mead hall is named The Court of Champions.
"Let us celebrate my nephew’s great accomplishments of ridding the Danish people of their hideous creatures!" Higlac exclaims as he raises his mead cup to his subjects. Higlac by far was one of the fairest kings the Geats have had, after raids he gave each member a portion of the loot and made sure that everyone in the clan was cared for. When Beowulf brought home the vast riches from King Hrothgar, Higlac spread his portion of the treasure to his subjects so many toasts were made in his honor this night. Finally, after a long night of celebration, …show more content…

It’s lower two arms have shovels for hands that it uses to dig while its upper two wield a greatsword and battle ax. Vesculent saw the beloved king and knew killing him would spite Beowulf, killer of his kin. So that is exactly what he did, he lunged from the bushes, and sliced Higlac across the abdomen. Vesculent’s sword was so sharp, that it split Higlac right in half, so the dreaded beast took his lower half as a snack for its trip home. Closer to dawn, a guard spotted the gory scene and immediately ran to The Court of Champions to tell Beowulf of the tragedy that took place.
When Beowulf heard of the news, he let out a wail so loud that it was heard from Jutland. Shortly after, the news of the King’s death spread to Denmark and they mourned the death of the fair king. Unferth, however, saw this as a way to redeem himself and left within the day of hearing the news to slay the beast. Meanwhile, Beowulf made arrangements for Higlac’s burial. Higlac’s boat was cast to sea and then burned but his sword was not with him because Beowulf took it, swearing that he will kill the beast with his uncle’s

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