Hopeful In The House On Mango Street

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Have you ever been hopeful for something that exceeds what you already have? You would do anything to make that one thing in your life better. Some people are like that and do whatever they can do to make it happen and some people simply just hope for it to happen there whole life. You will never understand why other people hope for what they are hopeful for. It’s like, always wanting more than you have and you have to do something big about it to make the littlest thing happen. Esperanza and her family, Alicia, and Sally feel the similar way throughout the book. Esperanza and her family have been hoping for a long time to get this house that would be extensive to fit her whole family. Alicia is hopeful to become prosperous in her life. Then unlike the other two situations, Sally is hopeful to get away from her abusive home. All of these situations are …show more content…

They are always talking about assortments of houses they want to live in one day and they always seem much better than the house her family is living in now on Mango Street. One of the examples that esperanza says about one of the houses she likes is ”Our house would be white with trees around it, a great big yard and growing without a fence” (4). They constantly move around and to places that aren't nice places. It is an ongoing theme in the book that esperanza talks about always wanting to move from the places she lives. There are many houses that they think is a better fit for them, but they just don’t have the money to afford the house. In the end, this is how her family is hopeful in the ways of wanting a better

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