How Did George And Lennie's Dream Change Throughout The Novel

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George and Lennie’s dream has changed many times over the course of the book, which only took about 4-5 days. At first, it was just a fantasy, George and Lennie would talk about to get their minds off things, later as time progressed the reciting of “The Dream” was a meditation technique for Lennie, which George would take advantage of. At last, when George and Lennie met Candy their so called dream was being closer to become a reality, they had enough money as a down payment for the ranch they have been wishing for their whole life. Once it came time to work for the last couple dollars, Lennie made a mistake, which was not his fault, but it caused their dream to be crushed forever. The Dream was once a fantasy, later a source of meditation, …show more content…

At this point Georges was confident that what they were working for their whole life was slowly but surely becoming what they were dreaming of. It seemed like at this point of the story everything was going Georges way, and Lennie was just overjoyed with all the success which motivated him to work harder than ever. Things changed once George and Lennie met Candy. Candy was a one armed old man who worked almost all of his life dreaming of a place of his own, much like George and Lennie, he was inspired by the stories George was telling Lennie and he was willing to put more than 300 dollars into buying the ten acre land. Once George and Lennie made eye contact, they knew that including Candy is not only going to boost the process tremendously, but it was also one more person to help with the financial issues. George ordered and said to Candy and Lennie “We’ve got most it. Just a little bit more to get, I’ll have it in one month” (pg,76), He told them to send the down payment for the land and make their way there, until he makes the last bit of

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