How Did Hitler Use Propaganda

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In January 1933, a man who had several failures in his life rose to power in Germany. That man was known as Adolf Hitler. A man with strong leadership skills and an even stronger ability to speak. He felt that Jews were the main problem and he wanted them exterminated. So Hitler made that his Final Solution and gave speeches about it. His speeches gained him and his party more and more followers. Nazi propaganda was very effective because it made Germans out to be the higher race and made Hitler out to be their Savior.

To help Hitler reach his goal, Joseph Goebbels was appointed to Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment. It was his job to make sure that everything anyone heard about the Nazi’s was positive and mannerly. You could not see, hear, or say anything that would harm the Nazi party. Goebbels created the Reich Chamber of Commerce, enforcing censorship over …show more content…

“Hitler used propaganda techniques that were on a new and different level.” He understood that it was the secret weapon to winning over Germany and the world. Cheap radios were turned up all the way and put on corners of every street playing Hitler’s speeches. If you listened to any foreign radio stations you could be fined and punished. Posters were hung everywhere demonizing Jews and putting all the glory on Hitler and the Nazi Party, to persuade Germans. Nazi’s censored books and movies that did not demonstrate Nazi beliefs. Major book burnings were organized for these censored books and the movies were banned.

Propaganda in Nazi Germany was so effective because the Nazi’s were so forceful and people were afraid of them. Opposition was not allowed! The Nazi’s used violence to oppress any resistance to them. In World War 1, Germany was torn from everything. Hitler brought that back and made them have confidence again. They believed that they were the pure, and perfect

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