How Did The Scientific Revolution Influence American Culture

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The scientists and philosophers of the Scientific Revolution did not set out to change the world, they each studied different subjects in different fields. However their experiments all challenged the traditional, blindly followed views of the world and fostered a new way of thinking that relied on empiricism and skepticism rather than fundamental widely expected truths. This search for knowledge changed our world forever. The scientific revolution challenged and influenced American culture in three ways; it encouraged innovation, questioned religion, created a new lifestyle.
The first way that the scientific revolution influenced American culture was through encouraging innovation. of knowledge started when many inventions across/came about; such as the telescope and microscope. Though these two marvelous machines, we have been able to discover the functions of gravity, magnetism, and other natural law. as some have said, we have seen the mysteries of God. In the field of science, Galvani discovered the connection between dead frog legs and electricity, in which he was able to make the legs twitch with a metal scalpel carrying an electrical shock. Today …show more content…

Now because of the inventions created during this time period, we are able to live longer lives due to medical advancements in both technology and understanding. Though on the other hand, our health has declined as a result of machines taking our place in some physical labor. the value and focus of education has also been drastically affected. As you can clearly see in america 's current education system science, technology, engineering, and math are all elevated to a higher level of importance in society, though the STEM programs. Many schools do not even offer human sciences such as logic, economics, and old literature. We have become so obsessed with tests and experiments that human reasoning and belief is seen as a

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