How Did The Transcontinental Railroad Change The United States

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The Transcontinental Railroad: How it Made America into One Nation

The transcontinental railroad changed the United States in the 1800’s in a way never seen before in America. Before the transcontinental railroad, the eastern states and the western states lacked a timely and reliable source of trade, travel, and communication. The nationwide railroad system connected the states in many new ways that helped shaped America into the nation it has now become. The transcontinental railroad improved transportation, commerce, expanded communication, and formed the United States into one nation. The transcontinental railroad improved transportation by increasing supply and demand, and connecting people in the United States. Before the railroad, …show more content…

The telegraph was very important to the railroad and communication expansion, because it allowed railroads to safely schedule more trains. This expansion moved people and goods much more efficiently (Govinfo). In Rochester, New York, in 1851, the Western Union Telegraph Company made contracts with railroads everywhere that would expand communication all throughout the United States (Rails West). “Increasing traffic on a single track railroad lines required more efficient operation and flexibility.” The telegraph was used by the railroad dispatcher. It gave him the time of arrival and departure and it allowed him to communicate changes to scheduled meeting places when the train was late (Iptv). Railroads replaced stagecoaches because it was faster and more efficient. “The mail would be sorted and stacked at the post office and placed on the railroad to be delivered” (Iptv). Railroads in the 1800s ran the Pony Express out of business because the trains were able to move mail at faster rates and cheaper prices, than people riding horses were able to do. Companies in the United States could not expand if there was not a reliable source of

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