How Did The War Refugee Board Help Hitler

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When most people hear the term “Holocaust”, they immediately think of the millions of victims that were affected by Hitler’s Final Solution. However, they do not consider what happened to the survivors after the war. After the liberation of the Jews and other prisoners, the world turned to reuniting and relocating these victims of the horrors of the Holocaust. Under the guidance of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, America assisted displaced persons of the Holocaust and created the War Refugee Board. The War Refugee Board was responsible for helping many people looking for safety find a nice place where they could settle down after facing the challenges that Hitler’s followers brought upon them..
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The main focus is shown in this quote from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: “In January 1944, Treasury Department staff, led by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., persuaded President Franklin D. Roosevelt to establish the War Refugee Board”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “The War Refugee Board”). The beginning of this organization brought comfort to the Jewish people as they found residence in the United States. They were able to rebuild their lives in the “land of freedom”, away from the pain of their past. As mentioned “through Executive Order 9417 on January 22, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the War Refugee Board (WRB), tasked with the ‘immediate rescue and relief of the Jews of Europe and other victims of enemy persecution’” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “War Refugee Board: Background and Establishment”). By doing this, President Roosevelt gave these men and women a chance at a good life after the fear that they had had to live through during the Holocaust. “The Executive Order establishing the War Refugee Board stated that ‘It is the policy of this government to take all measures within its power to rescue the victims of enemy oppression who are in imminent danger of death and otherwise to afford such victims all possible relief and assistance consistent with the successful prosecution of the war.’”(Unites States Holocaust …show more content…

“The War Refugee Board… also sponsored the work of Raoul Wallenberg… [who] helped save thousands of Hungarian Jews by distributing protective Swedish documents” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “The War Refugee Board”). These documents allowed the Jewish to be able to escape the Nazi’s scrutiny and any remaining firm believers in their cause. It enabled them to start a new life in a different place, away from the place where many horrors had been committed during the Holocaust. “In January 1945, Raoul Wallenberg is arrested by Soviet officials. He is held in prison for at least two years; the circumstances of his death are unknown.”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “The War Refugee Board”). Raoul Wallenberg saved multiple lives, as stated by Agnes Adachi Mandl: “...without Raoul Wallenberg, we wouldn't have saved even one single person.”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “Agnes Mandl Adachi”). Adachi worked with Raoul Wallenberg as he helped rescue any Jewish men and women that were targeted by the Nazis. “When the Soviets entered Budapest, Agnes decided to go to Romania. After the war, she went to Sweden and Australia before moving to the United States.”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “Agnes Mandl Adachi”). Adachi also participated in a few rescue missions:

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