How Does Donald Trump Use Doublethink In 1984

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1984, a story made truly to ridicule and bring back the essence of controlling powers once known as: Imperial Japan, Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany in hopes to show how our lives living within the United States with newly elected president, Donald Trump, has impacted our lives to be in relative connection with the novel. The novel, 1984, is closer to reality than expected due to the surprising elected President Trump showing how inexperience and much of a tyrant acting figure he is expressing through his new “power.” Although past presidencies before Trump have had some corrupted traits that are connected to what he currently does such as: lying and corruption, however no presidents before Trump has ever been as severe currently, thus showing …show more content…

For example, Trump has issued a ban on immigrants entering the country whose backgrounds contain, “citizens [who] have caused the terrorism deaths of no Americans,” while on the contrary he forgets about the citizens whose country, “have caused the terrorism deaths of thousands of Americans,” which greatly shows an example of Trump utilizing doublethink. Similarly to Big Brother, President Trump is not the only one who expresses the ways of doublethink. Scott Pruitt for example, is the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, which was designed to protect the environment. Scott Pruitt spent his time to battle against the Environmental Protection Agency, especially with Obama’s plan to increase the efforts to take down global warming. But now that Scott Pruitt is nominated to lead the EPA by President Trump, he has to now devote his works to not only diminish his beliefs of global warming, but to also work as a head director of protecting the environment. This is another example of doublethink that could be related and connected to 1984, where doublethink was common. At most, President Trump is the main contributor to showing doublethink in everyday life. He does not realize the nature of Scott Pruitt’s previous occupation, that being an attacker on supporting Obama’s efforts to reducing global warming. President Trump, “[Deliberately] [tells] lies while genuinely believing in them, [he] forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, [he] draw[s] it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed,” in which many people still demur to believe that President Trump does this very often only to manipulate the people (Orwell

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