How Does Kurt Vonnegut Use Ptd In Slaughterhouse Five

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25,000 people died when the Allied forces dropped incendiary devices over Dresden, Germany. After surviving this, Kurt Vonnegut was forced to clean up the charred bodies. Although the term did not specifically enter the english language until after the publishing of Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of what he witnessed there. Most people who suffer from PTSD use common coping techniques some are simply in denial, some stay in an emotional state of uneasiness, while others result to self-harm. Vonnegut uses the novel as a coping mechanism to find new ways to handle the disorder. The Germans are replaced by the Tralfamadorians, and his continuation of this illusion allowed him to fully understand …show more content…

He achieves this through by creating all of the players of the war; the tralfamadorians being the Germans, and Pilgrim being himself. This Metaphor is present from the introduction of each of these characters. Pilgrim is living a normal life until he is “kidnapped by the Tralfamadorians”. Similar to how he had grown used to the monotony of the war when he is captured by the Germans at the battle of the Bulge. After he is abducted by the Tralfamadorians he is kept in a zoo, similar to how he is kept in the slaughterhouse during the War. The differences between the two experiences only serve to create a more positive look on his memories. For example while he is a captor of the tralfamadorians he “was mated” with a beautiful movie star; Montana Wildhack. Instead of having looking to his experience as a prisoner under the Germans, where he was forced to endure terrible things, such as bombings by their own allies and cleaning the dead bodies after. He is able to have an experience where he has intercourse with a beautiful woman and have no worries for some time. His illusion of being “unstuck in time” frees him from worry. This view of life gives him the freedom to appreciate his life. To enjoy the wonderful moments in his life, and to treasure the adversity he has faced. It also allows him rise above the plane of reality and deeply know himself and what it means to be alive. Because he knows what terrible things will happen to him he can prepare and understand quickly enriching his

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