How Does Oedipus Kill His Father

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Mrs. Fleming
11 February 2018
Oedipus Rex
In the story “Oedipus rex” by Sophocles, a man named Oedipus is trying to escape the fate.
Oedipus hears a rumor from his friend that Polybus and Merope aren’t his real parents and that Jocasta and Laius of Thebes are his biological parents. Spiteful of what he’s been told he doesn't believe his friend. He is told that one day he will kill his father, believing that Polybus is his real father he tries to avoid killing him.

Trying to avoid killing his father Oedipus leaves Corinth and heads to Thebes. On the way to Thebes he encounters travelers who “Harass” him, He killed all the guards and including the King of Thebes, His father. Once he gets to the City of Thebes He marries a woman named Jocasta whom is the queen of …show more content…

Oedipus hears a rumor that he killed his father, He thinks that this is one of Creon's plan to overthrow him. Jocasta the biological mother of Oedipus (Also his wife) tells Oedipus that Prophecies are not always true She goes on to tell him that she once had a child with Laius, and Apollo the god of light told them that his child would one day grow up and kill his father then married his mother. By that point Oedipus was scared because of the Prophecy told to him when he was younger. He replied to Jocasta "As I listen, my queen, my thoughts went reaching out and touched on memories that make me shudder...” As soon as Jocasta finds out that Oedipus killed Laius and that Oedipus is her son she runs into the palace. She killed herself and is soon found dead. Oedipus Takes out his eyes of his own free will. “You, you'll see no more the pain I suffered, all the pain I caused! Too long you looked at the ones you never should have seen, blind to the

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